UPDATE admit day 7 and celebrating 11th wedding anniversary

Last evening the intern on the medical team called me from home to update me on the latest. He said the various teams were in disagreement about whether to do the procedure that I was supposed to have today. Like deja vu I find myself again at the crosshairs of the to do or not to do the procedure with all but one service on board to proceed. So, I bide my time, managing to get a walk in with my nurse and a little sitting time in front of the bank of windows looking toward the front of the hospital entrance. It is another overcast morning, but we are expecting it to clear out sometime this afternoon, like yesterday. Good news: my doctors approved an order for me to go outside, when the weather appeals to me, in a wheelchair, of course.

One delight here is the music therapy program they have. Because I told the nurse manager here about my dance background and love of music during a casual conversation, she has sent to me the music therapy volunteers who come to this floor. The day before yesterday I had the pleasure of not just one session but three throughout the day: a solo violinist, a solo guitarist and a duet of guitarists who also sang. It was most enjoyable with the duet being especially talented and with lovely voices that complemented one another beautifully. Then, yesterday, when I thought that music therapy happened only on Tuesday, a young man showed up with a keyboard; his name was Justin, and he was extraordinary. He is still in high school but enjoys playing beautiful ballad type pieces that are especially complicated and melodic. He even played two of his own compositions that were exquisite. I felt so fortunate to have him here with Marvin and me as the two of us talked about our 11-year anniversary today. A hospital is not really where you want to spend a wedding anniversary, but every little perk helps.

I guess I will try to take another walk before I lie down and continue the waiting game NPO. My stomach is growling at me already.

ADDENDUM Shortly after writing this my medical teams decided it was not in my best interest to perform the procedure. The thought was that, ultimately, it was not worth the risk of inserting anything that could possibly introduce bacteria and cause further problems and that the chances of their being able to remove any material during the procedure were slim. By the time they made this decision I was feeling that I preferred not to have the procedure done, also. I was glad that everyone concluded in agreement, myself included.

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13 responses to “UPDATE admit day 7 and celebrating 11th wedding anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple hope things get settled today
    love you peachy Lady

  2. So sorry you are spending your Wedding Anniversary in hospital Donna. You have my sympathy because I’ve been there myself. Nevertheless I expect you and Marvin will make the best of the day. I wish you well and hope the medics soon get things sorted.

  3. Best wishes to both of you on your special day. It would be nice to have all the doctors on board with a decision for you. It has to be awful to be pulled in two directions.The bright spot is the music that you have been able to enjoy. 🙂 Prayers and hugs as always.

  4. Happy Anniversary to you both! So happy there was music in your anniversary to brighten your special day since you are in the hospital…hope it clears and you feel like getting some sunshine today! Sounds like the fluid retention is staying in check and that is good…I know the roller coaster ride is exasperating but there have been some positives in the hospital stay and we have seen that Beautiful Smile on several occasions that we love so much! You and Don will make this a special day with the love you share together! As always positive love, enormous positive energy, hugs and smiles coming to you!

  5. A very Happy Anniversary to both of you. You are blessed in your love for each other that has sustained you through triall by fire.

  6. Happy Anniversary! What joy to have the music. Music has always been a great healer to me. I always have it on or listen on my Ipod or computer. I hope you can get outside too. The fresh air is so good for your spirit

  7. A very happy Anniversary to you both! Hope you can get home soon and enjoy a belated celebration! Sending my love and prayers dear Lady! ♥

  8. Happy Anniversary to you both ♥

  9. Happy day for every day you and your love have spent together! Praying God fills your medical staff with wisdom, confidence, and the perfect decision for you.

  10. Happy Anniversary! All the music sounds delightful and soothing.Hug’s and best wishes.

  11. Happy Anniversary, Donna and Marvin. Glad you got to here some good music.

  12. ♫♪♫ Happy Anniversary to you! ♫♪♫ Your love for one another is so evident in your pictures and your words. God Bless you both. ♥♥

  13. Happy Anniversary! I’m so glad you had beautiful music to light up your day! Prayers for you both.

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