day of doing

Doing. That is what I did yesterday. Feeling as weak as I do, doing mostly anything is quite a feat for me. Yet, yesterday I walked my walker down the sidewalk from my door to the end of the building and felt quite smug when I was able to get all the way back to my chair. I was breathing hard, but I was not out of breath. Today, hoping to repeat my performance, I did the same course and added a half course more.

Do understand this is a very short course. But I hope to keep adding to it. Being able to complete what I am doing without becoming short of breath feels very good even when my legs feel so weak they are near buckling by the time I finish. I figure that with the increased load each day, modest as it is, I should regain some of the strength in my legs and be able to start climbing stairs, one or two at a time, I’m sure, and eventually get myself back upstairs to my real bed.

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7 responses to “day of doing

  1. You are so good! What a trooper you are. Next thing I know you’ll be telling us you did some ballet moves! LOL! One step at a time, and each day will be easier to do. You know the drill….love ya!

  2. Please give yourself a pat on the back!! Baby steps grow into bigger steps. ‘one step at a time’. We are all pulling for you. Prayers and Hugs continue for both of you 🙂

  3. BreastCancerSisterhood

    Oh, yes! That’s the way to get stronger, girlfriend. Great job! Simply terrific!

  4. Great going Donna, I am so proud of you and keep it up! You will grow stronger each day. I have been keeping up with you since I started Decorah..Prayers to you and everyone around you….((((HUGS)))

  5. Good for you Donna, I really am impressed that you are working on your endurance, building muscle and setting goals to do more. I know it can’t be easy and many people wouldn’t even try. That’s one reason your so special. Love and Hug’s

  6. Atta peachy girl one step at a time you are the greatest
    keep up the good work gentle ((((((((((hugs ))))))))))))

  7. You are so amazing Donna. You blog and hearing how you are doing brings so much light in to my day. Keep it up beautiful dancing girl. Hugs, prayers and lots of love coming you way!-Susan

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