indoor activity and nomination

After the last couple of days of pushing a bit to be active, today I felt quite tired and decided I needed a day to relax. I stayed in, especially because our SoCal weather is now feeling quite frigid at only 63 degrees. With my anemia I am cold most of the time the moment the temperature drops below 75 degrees. Coming from a cold climate it is a bit embarrassing, and I believe that I have officially given up my Michigan card for tolerating cold all the way to sub-zero. I think I would just freeze on the spot now if I were to encounter that kind of cold. Most of the time now I am wrapped in a scarf or shawl or both to maintain my personal climate.

I am working on my holiday playlist on YouTube to share again this year, so I did a little bit of updating today. It is such fun listening to favorites and finding new gems to share.

Also, sent a notice to my Twitter account that someone nominated me for a Health Activist award for the Best in Show: Blog. I am most honored about this nomination, whatever the outcome, and extend a thank you to whoever nominated me. I have been trying to get into their site, however, to post a badge here in case anyone wants to support my nomination, but for the past hour or so it is giving me warnings that their server is either down or someone has tried to hack it. I will forego any further attempts for now and return later with the badge for your support when the site permits.

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12 responses to “indoor activity and nomination

  1. Congratulations on your nomination. I will be watching for you to post a badge. It is good that you listen to your body when you have done enough and need to take a day of rest. Prayers and Hugs for both of you 🙂

  2. Looking for the Badge and it is well deserved. You are, indeed, a Peach! ♥ Love ya!

  3. Donna…
    Love the snowflakes!!! Kudos on the Wego nomination, too! Well deserved–your blog is an inspiration to so many!

    Hugs & Love,

  4. Bring on the badge peachy lady .glad you are relaxing today♥♥♥

  5. Congrats on a hard earned nomination. You can be sure you will get a lot
    of votes from your eagleholic friends!!! Eagle on! ♥♥

  6. Very cool Donna, yes, I don’t fare the cold weather well either, hence my so. cal address! Today was very cold…I think we’re like plants reacting to the weather in much the same way. (at least we can drink hot chocolate when It’s cold!) lol

  7. Bless you dear one… yes it’s cold here, lots of rain today and more tonight! I hear it hitting my windows right now! Great that you are compiling your play list for the holidays… can hardly wait. I missed the 121212 Sandy benefit concert in Madison Square Gardens 9 hours ago and sorry I did… lots of GREAT rockers were there. Hope that you are sleeping well… off to my nest right now!

  8. It’s wonderful living on the west coast our weather for the most part is so mild.I am really looking forward to the holiday play list. Congratulations on your nomination! You are an inspiration. Will be watching for the badge and the playlist. Hug’s

  9. Congratulations- a very well deserved nomination xxxxx

  10. Dear Donna, You so deserve that nomination and the Badge that goes with it…You are doing great with pushing yourself but do need to rest when your body says so….Have a greatful day and a warm day too..betsy/skyla…Eagle blessing to you Donna…

  11. Well we are home from Mexico where it was +30 and arrived on our coldest day here which was -30! I don’t even want to stick my nose out the door. Ernie is out with the snow blower as I type. Congrats on your well-deserved nomination. Someone was on the ball there—-thanks whoever you are. 🙂

  12. I’m with you on the cold though I would gladly take 63. It has dropped to the high 50’s during the day and 30’s at night in the high desert. Sometimes I am cold but often I get hot flashes too from either the chemo or menopause or both. Looking forward to your playlist and congrats on the nomination. See, things are lookig up.

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