celebrating the season with music favorites

beautiful carols / family singing together / Christmastime music 
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I grew up singing at our Catholic church services for the Christmas season. I knew every holiday song, religious or secular. While I no longer have a singing voice, I still love listening to favorites every holiday season. If no one is around, I still try to sing.

Whatever you are celebrating, I hope you will enjoy something from my YouTube playlist, donnapeach, holiday list 2012.

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7 responses to “celebrating the season with music favorites

  1. If you are singing from your heart I know the LORD is hearing a beautiful melody. love you peachy lady

  2. Music soothes the soul. I wish that for all of us right now. ♥

  3. Thank you for sharing….

  4. Thanks, Donna. I’ve never had much of a singing voice, so I’m sort of envious. I hope you’re having a good day and I’d like to think maybe you’re singing or humming a favorite Christmas tune or two perhaps??

  5. I was a singer too. I think the chemo has robbed my voice a bit which is disheartening. I’m hoping it comes back. I sang in church when I was young, did Caroling as a teen and in college, and did different Christmas shows back in my acting days. Thank you for your playlist Donna. I will enjoy and DO sing still no matter what. It lifts the spirit.

  6. Thank you Donna… I’ve been waiting for your year 2012 list…

  7. Lovely Donna I was surprised how many of your favorites were the same as mine. I though I was the only one who loved “Hippopotamus for Christmas” I booked mark the link as I listened to it all but want to keep it .
    Thank you.

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