online sites for Christmas for kids little and big

I do not have children, but I am enough of a kid myself that I still enjoy all the fun kid traditions. Here are a few sites for any children in your household about Christmas, its meaning and its traditions.

Merry Christmas

  1. NORAD
  2. NorthPole
  3. FisherPrice coloring pages for Christmas and other winter holidays
  4. TheNorthPole lets you send an e-mail to Santa
  5. Interactive toy making machine
  6. Interactive ratings for you and friends on the naughty or nice meter
  7. SantasNet features descriptions of international traditions
  8. WhyChristmas has links with the Christmas story and customs
  9. BrownEyedBaker lists favorite recipes
5 6 7 8
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3 responses to “online sites for Christmas for kids little and big

  1. Merry Christmas Donna!

  2. VERY interesting Donna! I have no children either and feel as you do. Thank you. Isn’t it chilly here these days? Very cold wind last night. Such bright sunshine today though… so clear after it rains and washes all the smog down upon us. LOL Tonight I saw MANY bright stars and the moon was so clear… beautiful. Love and hugs and blessings…

  3. Merry Christmas to you and Marvin Donna! XoXoXo-Susan

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