togetherness our gift

together a day / shared in celebration as / our mutual gift 

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6 responses to “togetherness our gift

  1. Am so glad you have togetherness time right now. I am having the same here in AZ with my son for the holidays. Enjoying and savoring every single moment of this time together. And getting all the hugs I can handle since it will be months til next time. here is one from me…given with the softness of owl wings.

  2. Togetherness is wonderful. Our oldest daughter came out on her own yesterday and spent the night so we got to give her lots of TLC and relax time. So special.

  3. I am so happy you are enjoying togetherness for the holidays. Donna you deserve the best. Your spirit shines so bright and I am so happy you are enjoying your days with Marvin and your family. Your friends love you so much too. Happy Holidays beautiful dancing girl. Love, joy and happiness is in the air. XoXoXoXo-Susan

  4. Dearest Donna,, I am so glad that you are together for the holidays..In your home with all the sights and sounds ou know so well. I wish for you a Great holiday!!! See you in Decorah….God Bless betsy/skyla

  5. Beautiful Peachy…so glad you are home with Don for the holidays! Sending positive thoughts, positive energy, love, hugs and smiles to you as always!

  6. So happy to know you are recovering & safely at home…you certainly deserve it after your ordeal! Take care & keep writing your blogs that are so helpful to us all. Best wishes for 2013!

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