holiday at the oasis

With the holiday season I have been ignoring you know what and spending time at what I call my oasis. It feels good to do this as so much of my time normally goes toward either coping with what is happening with me or with learning and writing about issues.

During the holidays, though, it is good to think about what everything else in life means and to push that other topic to the back burner. I have spent a lot of time thinking about Christmases past and family get-togethers as well as how grateful I am to have Marvin in my life now. I missed shopping for gifts and picking out those last-minute little treats that always seem to be surprisingly enjoyable. Yet, I have also spent time watching the Nutcracker, though not as much as in years past, and in talking on the phone with family and friends. That is pure joy.

What occupies your time and mind to keep you happy at this time of year?

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6 responses to “holiday at the oasis

  1. It’s so nice to hear you enjoying the holidays with Marvin and talking with family and friends. And of course my fellow dancer what would Christmas be without “the Nutcracker”? Just keep enjoying. Love and hugs….-Susan

  2. What occupies me right now is enjoying this vacation to AZ to be with my son and his wife for the holidays. I am soaking up every last minute of talking, hugs, kisses, and just being in the same room with him. I miss him so being 2000 miles apart for now. But retirement will come and I will be here with him for good. I am glad you got a chance to enjoy the sit back and relax mode you are in right now. It is perfect for savoring the many traditions we have all come to know as Christmas, and Christmas Past. Some of us learn the easy lessons the hard way, myself included, to not take the day for granted, and learn to grow no matter where you are on the path of life. You have taught me so much this year…and I love you for it. Hugs of owl wings, ♥♥♥

  3. I’m so glad you’re able to push things out of your mind, even if only for a bit. These moments of celebrating Christmas and the holidays and family are why we fight so hard to survive.
    Love to you & Marvin,

  4. Hi Donna, Happy Day After,,So glad that you enjoyed the past few days. It is fun just sitting back and remembering those past holidays and the memorries that were made. I myself, keep the just made memorries and all the memorries from the past deep in my heart…God Bless you lovley Donna. betsy/skyla, Decorah Eagle chat….

  5. Arlen Jakubczak-Helms

    Like you, I think about Christmas past, present, and future. The slower pace of the holidays when we were children; I think a little harder and I realize our Moms and Dads were running around much like most of us do now. I treasure the joyful noise my grandkids make with each rip of the wrapping paper. I try to hold that close because they are growing so quickly. and those childish squeals will soon disappeat. I treasure my Mom at 91 that she is still with me and still thinking I am only 16 . She is good with orders even at her age. Most of all, I hope for a happy and good life for all of us in the future. Blessings in the coming year to you and Marvin.

  6. As you say, thinking of the old times. When I was young, things were pretty rough for my family. But after I married, my husband and I enjoyed many years as the main Christmas spot for a very far ranging family and any others who did not have any where to go. Elderly Aunts, cousins; our Christmas tree would sometimes take up the whole room because there were so many presents for so many people. Good memories for the most part. Glad you are enjoying som good memories too!Love,Gail

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