busy at the Getty

children and grown-ups / laugh and make time flash with smiles / from all witnesses 
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The Getty Center sparkled with bright sunshine, though it seemed to add little warmth on that hill with the wind whipping in from the ocean in the visible distance. Still, the air was so clear the views all around were spectacular. By the time we arrived, one of the employees told us, the parking lot had filled, the first time this has happened on a day that we have visited. The folks in town for the Rose Bowl Parade flock to the Getty, apparently, during the week between Christmas and New Year’s, making it a very popular attraction at this time.

The chill in the air obviously did not keep away very many visitors. Although I saw a scant few in SoCal clothing, most were bundled up, like me, in coats, hats and scarves. I had two pashminas wrapped around my coat and legs to keep me warm in the wheelchair, which can get quite cold because of the lack of any body motion. My steaming green tea is helping me to thaw since we arrived home a couple of hours ago.

We got to see the rest of an exhibit we visited the weekend before Christmas, and all in all it was a wonderful time both viewing the exhibit and watching the many families.

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5 responses to “busy at the Getty

  1. Sweet…I love that place, though my favorite is the original on PCH, the Italian Villa replica with the Italian herb garden they change each season to reflect what would be used in Italy back in the day. (whenever that was) Something about being over the ocean…at the beach…with such wonderful art…I just love it, though the new getty is also amazing and I’ve been several times whenever my parents or someone comes into town.

  2. What a lovely day Donna and Marvin. I am enjoying hearing about all of the wonderful times you are having. Please just keep enjoying theses incredible moments. I am so honored that you are sharing them. Love and hugs – Susan

  3. Peachy Lady so happy that you are out and about hope you can continue this routine .we were in the Beautiful Smoky Mountains for Christmas saw some beautiful waterfalls.Now back in the real world,
    Love You and calling out your precious name

  4. Dearest Donna,
    I wanted to wish you a new year of no “surprises” on the health front. You are loved and cherished by so many….
    Warm hugs…

  5. Betsy Appleton////////Decorah Eagle

    Hello Donna, I am so glad that you got out and did some enjoying of this Holiday Season… May God Bless you and Marvin on this New Years Eve,,, I hope the following year brings you much love and life…..from Betsy/Skyla….Decorah

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