cancer is expensive

Shock and dismay. This afternoon I called my local pharmacy to check up on the prescription for my cancer medication. They informed me that it was ready for pickup but thought they should warn me that the copay was more than $1500. I nearly fainted and repeated my question as to whether this was the full cost of the prescription or a copay. They patiently, and somewhat sympathetically, repeated their answer that it was a copay. With our insurance coverage, because of the new year, we start out with one copay until we meet our deductible; only after that does the lower copay apply. That reduced copay, they informed me, would be $200.

I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to understand my benefits and confirming my current options while, also, finding the best price for the drug. It was not a fun way to close out a week. In fact, I am still trying to recover from the news and wishing that my body would tolerate a tall, strong margarita about now.

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9 responses to “cancer is expensive

  1. Can you go online to the maker of the drug and see if assistance is available? Often they will help with something that expensive but you have to ask for it. I would ask. I had one prescription like that for a drug I had to take after having surgery and getting an infection internally in my colon. It was $1,785 per fill…and that was only 21 days worth of pills. I had to do that twice! It’s nuts!

  2. and couldn’t they have told you that last week so you could have gotten it in under the old co-pay and not had to pay that much? Seems like they are not looking out for you!

  3. So sorry about your medical bill my grandaughter mediacal bill is 10 thousand dollars every 3 month but she has help Thank God Please check to see if you can get help . you certainly don’t need this burden will pray about this Love you peachy Lady

  4. Oh goodness Donna, what a shock! Health Care is just nuts these days… I’m for single payer and fighting for it here… as a Canadian, I know no one up there who does not like it and wouldn’t give it up for anything! Sorry to interject my politics but I’m sick about your copay! Blessings my friend as both of us dream of that Margarita… self medicating with alcohol is sometimes a good thing! LOL

  5. Call your insurance company and ask for a better explanation as to why this is so much. Now if this is your deductible, maybe you can just bite the bullet and pay it and then be done for the year. I hate insurance companies.

  6. Betsy Appleton////////Decorah Eagle

    Oh Dear Donna,,,I’ll tell you that being sick is big buiness. I do hope that you can figure out this mess. You don’t need to worry about anything like this when life in general needs to be lived and not wondering where or when you need to figure out insurance ((((HUGS))))……God Bless Donna!!!

  7. You have a lot of good advice from others. This is horrible news and you should not have to bear this stress as well.

  8. I am so sorry for this additional expensive trial. Praying….

  9. Donna, have you checked out Cancer Care ( If not, ask your oncologist about it and see if you qualify. When I went through chemo, Cancer Care paid the co-pays on my meds and all 8 chemos.

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