new year’s weekend

A nice, though brief, visit with relatives this afternoon introduced a welcome change to the week. After that we enjoyed some quality time together after a hectic week for Marvin at work. Sometimes by the time he gets home from work, we are both too tired to hold a good conversation no matter how engaging the subject matter. It was nice today to hang out together at a coffee shop and talk music, art and past times that made us who we are today. It was a lovely way to spend the first weekend of the new year.
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5 responses to “new year’s weekend

  1. What a lovely way to spend your afternoon…reminiscing! As always holding you close in my heart…sending positive energy, love, smiles and hugs from Texas!

  2. Soo glad you had a great weekend .sometimes just knowing your DH is there is a great comfort my hubby and I married in 1957 and still enjoy each other very much at times words arent needed.Love you Peachy Lady

  3. Betsy Appleton////////Decorah Eagle

    so happy that the both of you had the time you needed to just take a breath and ehjoy…My family is my grand niece (7) and when it’s time to melt down she has a way to pour some cool water on me….lol….God Bless both you and Marvin,,,off to the nest….Decorah

  4. Leaves me so happy and so grateful to you for sharing these wonderful moments with Marvin, dear Donna… I’m envious, not jealous… never had these moments of deep connection in the 3 long term relationships I had. It’s okay, I have them with myself now! LOL… better than nothing… Blessings and love and hugs…

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