expensive copay at start of new cancer year

For most of this week so far I have been on the phone trying to fill the prescription for my Fareston (toremifene), which I wrote about on Friday. I am exhausted from the conversations and from the emotional consequences of dealing with this. The expense of a first-time-for-the-year copay is exorbitant at more than a thousand dollars for one month’s refill.

Some drug companies help patients pay for their medication. Thus, I have tried contacting the drug company (ProStrakan to which the original company, GTx, sold the drug recently) and various other places, including agencies that say they help cancer patients, to no avail. No one has any kind of financial assistance unless you have no insurance at all.

My nerves are frazzled, and I cannot even think about dealing with this again when my refill is due. On one hand I am hoping that this treatment is working, which we will learn after I am on it for a couple of months, and on the other I don’t know how I am going to pay for this.

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11 responses to “expensive copay at start of new cancer year

  1. This is criminal. The greedy drug companies are stomping on the sickest and least able to pay!Is there anything we can do to help? Gail

  2. That is just awful and so frustrating and you don’t need that kind of stress. Is there any way a site could be set up to make donations to you. I know many people can’t afford to donate but even a little will add up and in the end be less for you to pay. Or could you post an address where donations could be mailed?

    • Donna, I just found a site http://www.gofundme.com/ I could set it up but I think if you do it people will trust it is getting to the right hands. I would be happy to spread the word once it was set-up. Think about it. If we could get 300 people to send $3. You would be almost there.

  3. Count me in 🙂 Prayers and Hugs, Donna

  4. Hello, i have been an avid reader of your post, and this is the first time I am writing. My girlfriend has Metastatic breast cancer, (doing very well on Faslodex for a year and half, and has been NED ). Please do post the gofundme site, and I will donate as well. Best of luck to you, Emily

  5. PLEASE do whatever you can to get a site set up for you….I did many fundraisers for my sister-in-law toward her expenses with cancer and I will donate also…every little bit helps and there are so many still dancing with you…I am still dancing in my steel toed shoes and we need to know if this drug treatment is going to work for you. If I were closer I too would be doing fundraisers!! Lots of love, hugs, positive thoughts, smiles and positive energy coming to you! Now it’s your turn to get behind us…lets see what we can do for you!! Remember “wish there were more I could do”…

  6. Betsy Appleton////////Decorah Eagle

    Hello Lady,,,So sorry that you are having so much trouble with the insurance companys..I too will donate anything that will help you. I do know that everyone at the Cottonwood Tree will help too. You are in the Decorah Family now so I know they will help in any way they can. Please don’t get too stressed, that will not help you and you need to not worry about this……..God Bless and will check in later to see if you have anyone that can start on getting this settled….BBL

  7. So sorry to hear of the stupid insurance thing. it makes no sense and there should be resources through ACS etc. that helps with these kinds of things but, unfortunately there are not.

    If they get a donation are set up please post the link and i’ll do what i can to help out. as one of the earlier posts say… even the little donations will add up.

    thinking of you and sending good thoughts and many prayers your way.

  8. I’m with Sandra. There’s are online fundraiser programs and I would love to help if I could in any way. No matter what I understand your frustration and with every thing else that you are going through you do not deserve this ridiculous cost for a life saving drug. XoXoXo and Hugs! _ Susan

  9. Donna, I hope you might consider giving your address out so those that can could mail a check directly to you I do see the “go fund me” site does charge 5%. Such a shame that you have to pay that. My health ins. is a $5,000. deductible. Just no fun.

  10. Joye Satterfield

    Donna, I just started reading your blogs again. Been out of touch for awhile. Were you able to raise enough money for the medication? I would like to help if I knew how. I could donate $3 for sure but wondered if that is at all helpful. If I could afford to I would pay for it all. For personal reasons I want so badly for you the beat the odds of metastatic breast cancer. You are in my prayers

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