new year’s accomplishment: stairs

Before going into the hospital for the pleurodesis in September, I was very short of breath because of the pleural effusions in my left lung. I could barely make it up the stairs to our bedroom on the second floor. During the ensuing months when I was in and out of the hospital with complications, I was unable to make it up the stairs at all because of severe weakness. Marvin got me a hospital bed and rearranged our living area downstairs to accommodate it so I could sleep on the first floor of our place.

As I have been working on leg strength with squats and walking back and forth inside our place, I have apparently become stronger even though it seems like a small amount. Yesterday, however, I managed to climb the stairs, a little at a time to our second floor. I felt victorious as I had thought I might never make it back up there because I was so weak. I cannot even put into words how thrilled I am that I was able to do that. With the hospital bed downstairs and being able to get up the stairs to my real bed, I have options depending on how I feel. It was such a wonderful night for me to sleep in my comfy bed next to my husband I am wondering if it’s time to go to bed yet.

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14 responses to “new year’s accomplishment: stairs

  1. You continue to amaze me at every turn of events. How wonderful to have options again and to sleep in your true bed next to Don. That alone is worth fighting for and healing. May bright healing light find you, even if it’s upstairs! Hugs and Love. And Owl Wings to hold you and Eagle eyes to watch over you.

  2. Hooray!!! and congratulations. What a nice feeling being back in your bed at least when you feel up to it. Great job for keeping up the hard work of strengthening your muscles it makes me feel good just thinking about it. Loved the last sentence, your so cute Donna.

  3. That’s a big move, girlfriend! How great that must have felt! Love it!

  4. I’m so happy for you!

  5. Yay! You are amazing, keep up the good work. I am so glad for you.

  6. Donna, this is wonderful news. So glad you are regaining your strength, even just a little!One day, you will dance again! Hugs and Prayers!Gail Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2013 01:54:23 +0000 To:

  7. This is a happy moment…..Sweet dreams!

  8. Thats amazing! So pleased to hear that. I know that feeling well as I have been in the same situation. Thrilled for you xxxxx

  9. We take life so for granted and then find that just a little thing can make a whole big difference to our lives. So happy for you. Prayers and hugs to you and Marvin 🙂

  10. Betsy Appleton////////Decorah Eagle

    Hello Lady Peach, I see that you are making leaps and bounds for yourself…I too have been in the hospital and after a month or so all I wanted was my bed and pillows. The feel of your own bed is special, your own pillows and the smells are like coming home after such a long time away. To have your husband so close just knowing that he is there right next to you….God Bless Lady Peach..till tomorrow…

  11. Cordelia Lovelady

    Just checking in with another computer and I’m so Happy for You…I can feel and picture that Beautiful smile on your face and also knowing it was a victorious accomplishment after so long…sending positive energy for continued strength and happy accomplishments, along with lots of love, hugs, smiles and positive thoughts! Bless you Sweet Beautiful Lady!

  12. Arlen Jakubczak-Helms

    Excellent work. A little at a time eventually adds up. it’s a long road but you seem to be traveling along. Happy healing thoughts to you as well as hugs.

  13. Fantastic, nothing better then your own bed. I am very happy for you ♥

  14. You rock! 😉

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