strolling with my walker at the museum

IMG_4264After a couple of hours at our local art museum, I am quite tired. With the success of my climbing the stairs in our place, I felt like I wanted to walk around as much as possible today. None of this involved climbing stairs or inclines, of course, but I managed to walk from one exhibit to another and then have a seat on my walker to view the artwork. The distance between artworks was short, but at my snail’s pace I managed that and moving from room to room. We ate at the museum as well and then spent some time people and bird watching at the marina for the balance of the afternoon that gave us a SoCal temperature of around 80 degrees. I don’t know how long our warm spell will last, but it was nice to get out and enjoy it.

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14 responses to “strolling with my walker at the museum

  1. So happy for you Donna! Sounds like a nice day and love the picture!

  2. Oh, Donna, I am so glad you were able to get out and about and strolling at an art museum wouldbe the perfect afternoon for you. YEAA!! GailWA

  3. What a wonderful day you have had. So glad to know you were able to be out and about. Hugs and prayers to both of you.

  4. What a great sounding day you and Marvin had Donna… your favorite spots visited and breathing the sea air too on a beautifully warm day! So happy to hear you were able to travel by car and by foot and eat away from home! Blessings and love…

  5. Oh my goodness you look so great and happy Donna, Marvin looks great to. Thank you for sharing this nice photo. Your day sounds wonderful and I am so… envious of your warm weather. Never got above 31 degrees here.

  6. It really was a great and beautiful warm day and I am so glad you could get out and enjoy it. You and Marvin look so happy. Sending you hugs and prayers with XoXoXo – Susan

  7. I love the photo and you both look fantastic & happy. It is awesome to hear about your day and the weather. It is -30 here in the Canadian Prairies……bitterly cold. We had company for most of the weekend. We played a lot of Canasta. It is lovely to be indoors snuggled in by the fireplace.

  8. I love museums. So glad you got out and enjoyed yourselves. And those temps sound amazing. It’s below zero here today. Terrific photo of you guys! xoxo

  9. So nice Donna… all we can do is find the best in each day…regardless of our obstacles. Keep on keepin’ on.
    much love,

  10. It sure has been warm around here! I miss winter! 🙂 Sure looks like you enjoyed your day.

  11. So glad you were able to be out and about, enjoying a beautiful day!

  12. Dear Donna, it is just amazing how wonderful you (and Marvin, too) look after the ordeal you just endured! It is so heartwarming to see the two of you so happy! May it continue forever — blessings to you.

  13. Betsy Appleton////////Decorah Eagle

    Such a Great Day for you and Marvin!!!! Wish those temps. were here on the east coast…Right now it’s snowing pretty hard and they say 8 inches or more… I say have fun when you can and enjoy every minute..God Bless Donna and Marvin,,,,

  14. Hi Donna, You look great! Love the photo. Thinking of you over here in snowy England lol. So pleased to hear of your progress 🙂

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