after the museum marathon

moments of repose / to spring myself forward with / energy again 
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Yesterday’s excursion to the art museum wore me out. Today I napped between watching the inauguration and other shows later on. I could not keep my eyes open, and my legs felt incredibly fatigued. I don’t even remember my legs being this tired after having done legitimate exercise before cancer.

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6 responses to “after the museum marathon

  1. I think you probably did more than I could have handled in one day and i am not dealing with the challenges that you are. I think you are an awesome lady. Many prayers for both of you.

  2. dear donna,
    it’s always scary to feel that degree of fatigue. but don’t let it rob you of thoughts of happiness and enjoyment you experienced at the art museum. just rest, and let your body recover, and savor all the happy memories you’ve made. i am thinking of you and sending powerful waves of healing and recovery for your legs, hoping they will soon be moving in a little happy dance, ready once again to VENTURE FORTH.

    love, XO,

    karen, TC

  3. All will be well again Donna. You overdid it and your pleasure was likely worth it. Rest, recuperate, & you will be on the move before you know it!

  4. I was so excited to see to see you on #BCSM tonight. I am not surprised that your body was tired. Remember how sore you would wake up if you took a break from the dance and dove in again? After all these meds our body changes, but we still see and feel the dance inside.
    I love your blog! I really appreciate how you keep us posted in to your special world. You have a beautiful spirit and it’s wonderful getting to see pieces of what inside. Have a wonderful sleep tonight. Prayers , hugs and xoXoXo – Susan

  5. Betsy Appleton////////Decorah Eagle

    betsy/skyla,,,,To read/ (see). you happy with what you did on your trip to the museum is wonderful,,,I know that you are really tired, but a day out and doing the things you like with that special man is Great…Keep up with what you can do and enjoy…God Bless you Girl….

  6. I always seem to need at least one day to recover when I do an all day outing. I was never that tired before cancer either. It really does such a number on our bodies that I think it is betraying me sometimes.

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