lazy continues

All I could manage today was another day of recuperation from Sunday. At least, I guess that is why I feel so exhausted. I have been working on the billing statements for my medical care, so maybe that is partially the cause of feeling so spent. Regardless, it was a slow day with napping and watching the Australian Open.

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4 responses to “lazy continues

  1. Hi dear Lady! Lazy is good! Sending you my love and prayers, as always!

  2. In the chat room we call it a “lazisome” day…and they are welcome events for most of us. I know I appreciate them and the recuperative value they can have on us. I think your art gallery trip, while a great adventure and very mind expanding, was probably a bit of a push for you…but I am so proud that you did it….a few down days are to be expected and are needed. So, while you lay there, think of tiny dancers and all the choreography you will have to do to make up for all this down and spoiled time you are having. (and don’t even try to tell me Don is not spoiling you!) Hugs from me and gentle owl wings enfolding you and eagle eyes to watch over you.

  3. Looking at billing can really tax the mind. It is amazing how complex they make the billing process on top of the unwanted expenses like you encountered with your medication. I am not surprised that you are tired. I still think the outing to the museum was worth it! I hope you agree. Meanwhile I hope you are allowing yourself to take a nice easy day without feeling pressured to pour over those bills when you are tired. Your body needs more rest and that’s OK. As always I love sending special prayers of dancing dreams, hugs and XoXoXo – Susan

  4. Enjoy, rest and relax. Take care Donna. Hug’s

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