visit to UCIMC for blood tests

After touching base with my oncology office, my friend took me to UCIMC today for blood tests. I will be returning next week for an appointment with my oncologist. This will be my first appointment since having been in the hospital into December.

The laboratory, where my favorite blood tech works, moved temporarily from the second to the first floor of the cancer center while they finish renovation of the infusion center on the second floor. It has been almost two years since they began this construction, so who knows when this will finally admit patients again. I wobbly walked with my cane wherever I needed to go in that building, which meant I went first to the second floor before learning the lab had moved. As I no longer have my port, my blood draws come from the peripheral veins again. No one can do it as well as Danica, who, thank goodness, was there today with her usual charm and efficiency.

Now, I just have to calm my nerves about my upcoming appointment.

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9 responses to “visit to UCIMC for blood tests

  1. Please try to think good thoughts and know that Prayers and Hugs continue to be sent your way 🙂

  2. That sure was a nice break you had from all the tests,not long enough though I am sure. Happy to hear now that you don’t have the port that you got Danica. Hug’s and you are always in my thoughts Donna.

  3. Donna,
    Sending good thoughts your way to keep those nerves calm. On a more personal note, thank you for your constant mentions and notes about my mom. I see every one of them and I’m such a scatter brain, I don’t think I’ve properly expressed my love and gratitude TO YOU for your concern about what is happening in my life. You are truly one very, VERY special friend. I’m still here. Just a bit quieter (or I seem to work in “bursts”) …..

    Much love and SO MUCH gratitude for your friendship and support,



    What happens at the oncologist’s visit?

  5. I’m sure it was strange returning to the oncologists office after so much has happened. At the same time there’s a wonderful familiarity and you were so lucky to get Danica to do your blood draw. I am sure that you have lots of anxiety about your upcoming appointment. Meanwhile I send you my good thoughts and sweet prayers with oodles of hugs and XoXoXo – Susan

  6. Sending prayers your way, Donna.

  7. Praying for peace and hopeful assurance, along with a few good belly laughs in between.

  8. Betsy Appleton////////Decorah Eagle

    Well Miss Donna, looks like you are braving the elements and venturing forth…I have some health issues and I go to I.V. Therapy every month and I am glad that I have my port…My veins have been used so much that I don’t mind my port at all. It has served me for about 4/5 years and when that one gets old I will get another one….I too, also have a favorite tech, Rose, She’s a Peach,lol,lol…. Take care Donna and sweet eagle DREAMS to you and Marvin….God Bless…Betsy

  9. Positive thoughts and hugs coming your way Donna xxx

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