blood pressure monitoring and fluids

Last night the oncology doctor on call called me to update me on my status. My latest potassium reading was less than the one that set off an alarm, so that was good news. She told me to monitor my blood pressure and said she was sending a prescription to my pharmacy that I should pick up if my blood pressure readings were more than 140 systolic. She also said my kidney function blood tests might indicate I am dehydrated and urged me to consume more fluids.

Today I’m following instructions. With the intermittent rain forecast it is a good day for staying home and watching movies.

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4 responses to “blood pressure monitoring and fluids

  1. Wish I didn’t have to work, it’s a great day to stay in and stay dry and warm. Hang in there, it sounds like you’re doing a bit better. I like to hear it.

  2. So glad your report was good but DRINK’DRINK so important
    love you Peachy Lady

  3. Your report sounds good. Celery and watermelon also add a lot of moisture without having to drink water. You will feel better I always do.Though I usually am more on the dehydrated side. Take care.

  4. Betsy Appleton////////Decorah Eagle

    Hi Donna,,Good to see good news for you and your blood work…I too, stayed in the house today…It’s funny it looked so nice out but when my lungs filled with cold air I knew that it would be too cold to walk unless I walked fast, jog, my way would be my car…lol…. God Bless you and Marvin,,,,,till tomorrow,,,Sweet Eagle Dreams

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