occupied with homey comfort

pizza melts with cheese / lazy afternoon again / with sweetheart and film 
♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦
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© 2004–2013 Donna Peach. All rights reserved.

6 responses to “occupied with homey comfort

  1. Sounds wonderful! Love to you Donna:)

  2. What a wonderful day. Sounds relaxing and peaceful.Hugs

  3. It sounds like a fantastic day with Marvin. I send you both extra prayers, hugs, and XoXoXo – Susan

  4. You go, girl! Just soak up every little bit of it! Thrilling news.

  5. We love these posts, and you!

  6. Betsy Appleton////////Decorah Eagle

    Hi Donna, So glad to see you enjoying the winter days. I do look forward to days that you are home, nice and warm, good movie, good company ( no doctors )..Enjoy Everything Donna…Sweet eagle Dreams,,,,

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