exercise routine back on track

After yesterday’s trip to UCIMC I tried to get back to a little bit of activity today. For me that just means walking around my place, all on one floor as I do not try to attempt stairs when I am alone. I just walk until my legs give out, which does not take very long. I am trying to work them for more strength, but I never seem to be able to get past a point that feels like I am stronger. I suppose that if I am able to walk up the stairs, that is a sign that I am stronger. I need to remember that. Also, I have added two more squats to my routine for a total of 12. I have missed a few days here and there, so I need to be sure to do at least five days out of every week if I want to keep progressing. Some days, however, when my legs feel very weak, I skip the squats. I guess I should force myself, and maybe that will get me over the hump in progress.

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10 responses to “exercise routine back on track

  1. You put me to shame! More power to you!

  2. I am certain you push yourself quite enough. There is danger is pushing when you are alone, so if you feel like you need a push, consider yourself pushed back into the chair until Don is home for those extra squats! Until then, take these hugs and owls wings and eagles eyes…you know what they are for!

  3. so pleased that you can exercise but please don’t overdo we love you and don’t want anything to happen you have challenged me I think I will try some squats I do water aerobics 3xwk and that is tough but easier on my bones . keep up the good work peachy Lady

  4. I think you are doing really well Donna, it has to be hard though when you are used to doing more and then have to regain your strength.I do think there is a fine line between pushing yourself and over doing it. Any kind of movement will help.Just please do be extra careful when you are home alone. Please, Hugs

  5. Keep pushing, but don’t forget to breathe…I agree with the others, don’t push too hard when you’re alone, listen to your body (though I’m sure you want to talk back, I would) and keep taking breaks, You shouldn’t push to the point of exhaustion. (I know my body doesn’t respond to that and it takes me longer to recover) Remember your dance…and Breathe.

  6. Can your Dr recommend outpatient P/T for you. I’m going to be starting that again and it really helps strenghthen. It feels like a work out for me

  7. Thinking of you today…..praying as you walk and/or squat. *smile*

  8. Hi Donna, Wow, squats, that’s impressive. You’ve just inspired me to go get on my treadmill before the day gets away from me. Hugs to you.

  9. Donna you know your body and I am sure you are doing all that you can while being aware if your body is not going to cooperate. Squats are great. You can also do plies while holding on to a counter in the kitchen if there’s room. Hus, prayers and XoXoXo – Susan

  10. Betsy Appleton////////Decorah Eagle

    Hello Dancer Lady, It seems that you know your own body and with that knowledge do what you can but not alone, please. So good to see that you are doing enough to make you happy and that’s the thing, you are the important one….God Bless ,,,Sweet Eagle Dreams,,,to you…

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