new study fails to connect work stress with cancer

While science and medicine have a long way to go toward finding causes of many cancers, including breast, a longstanding belief among the general population is that stress is a factor. Yet, the link between stress and cancer is still tenuous. A new European study fails to support that work stress is a cause.

Katriina Heikkilä, Solja T Nyberg, Töres Theorell, Eleonor I Fransson, Lars Alfredsson, et al. Work stress and risk of cancer: meta-analysis of 5700 incident cancer events in 116000 European men and women. BMJ 2013; 346:f165. 2-7-13

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5 responses to “new study fails to connect work stress with cancer

  1. Keep digging folks! We want to know the cause. Thanks for posting dear Donna… Blessings and love to you and DH! ❤

  2. Absolutely I believe stress is a factor!

  3. Betsy Appleton////////Decorah Eagle

    Hi Donna ,, I too believe that there is a great stress in everybody these days so I can see that stress can be bad……Sweet Eagle Dreams…

  4. Stress affects EVERYTHING!

  5. Very interesting information. Thanks for sharing Donna.

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