ANNOUNCEMENT publication for newly diagnosed with MBC

When someone receives a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer, it can be perhaps the most devastating news in a lifetime. Emotions run wild, and the search for knowledge begins. Knowing what to ask the doctors and others involved with your care is only part of the process. Making decisions can be terrifying.

Now, two organizations who are known for bringing first-rate information to the MBC community have teamed up to create a Guide for the Newly Diagnosed, a publication that leads the new MBC patient through the overwhelming maze of this diagnosis. Living Beyond Breast Cancer and Metastatic Breast Cancer Network present this free brochure for the asking.

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4 responses to “ANNOUNCEMENT publication for newly diagnosed with MBC

  1. Once again, you are serving so many…thanks for sharing this! Thank you also for participating last week in #HCHLITSS twitter chat. I know you were educating others with your contribution. 🙂

  2. It is wonderful that so much information and help is available.We are lucky to have such access. thank you Donna for sharing this.

  3. Donna, this is wonderful information. I am going to put it in Scoop-It. So glad you were at #BCSM last night. Hugs and XoXo- Susan

  4. Thank you so much for posting Donna. This is great! xxxxx

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