journeys of the past

visiting memories / takes us to sentimental / journeys of the past 
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© 2004–2013 Donna Peach. All rights reserved.

4 responses to “journeys of the past

  1. How beautiful. I am happy to hear that today was a special day I have more to say but I am back with Sheby at the animal hospital again. Hugs and XoXoXo – Susan

  2. I’m sure we all have memories that we like to live again mine usually includes our three daughters and some of the fun times when they were young and still at home and the wonderful fifty six years with a wonderful husband the Lord has blessed me greatly.of course there has been some rocky roads but the good has out weight the bad.I know you have some wonderful memories are such a gentle person.I admire you greatly
    peachy lady.

  3. Betsy Appleton////////Decorah Eagle

    Hello Peachy Lady,,,I too often find myself taking that sentimental journey….No one can take the memories from you. Hold tight and enjoy the trip…God Bless and Sweet Eagle Dreams to you and Marvin…..betsy/skyla

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