2013 annual LA international pen show


Every February the pen community in southern California has the privilege of hosting the annual LA International Pen Show. It took place at the Marriott Manhattan Beach this weekend, and, as usual, Marvin and I attended. I have missed this show only once or twice since living here on the west coast, and it was a fun time again today as usual.

I debated on attending because my need to restock ink, paper, pens and stationery has dwindled this year. Because of damage to my spinal cord has left it difficult for me to do much legible handwriting, I no longer hand-write letters and journals like I once did routinely. The deficits in my hand are less onerous to my calligraphy because the technique uses the arm muscles more than the hand, Why go, then? Because it is wonderful to see some of the people I have known over the years from buying online and because it is important to keep doing what I love as much as possible whenever possible.

The weather was beautiful, so it was an inviting day to get out. The show is not too far from us, so getting there is a breeze. What I noticed this year was a crowd that we have not witnessed for a few years. Last year it was almost sparse. Today it was so crowded I could not find space to take even one photo in the show areas. In fact, we ended up leaving to get a bite to eat when it was so packed we could not get through the aisles with my wheelchair. After we returned, it had eased up a bit but was still quite hectic. I managed to take just one shot of the admissions area, which was still seeing arrivals after three o’clock. It is fun to talk to the vendors, and it was nice to see that they were doing great business for the first year in a while.

Now it’s time for a recovery nap even though it seems Marvin should be the one needing that after pushing me around the show in my wheelchair.

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3 responses to “2013 annual LA international pen show

  1. What an interesting meet and greet Donna! Something for everyone in LA, that’s for sure. Grateful that you were able to go and enjoy the event…Marvin too… Love and hugs… ❤

  2. How exciting you got to go! I remember Oprah once said she collected pens… Montblanc I think, and beautiful stationary. I have a friend who does beautiful calligraphy. I recently told her I’d love to have even her grocery lists to fawn over:)


  3. What a fantastic day both you and Marvin had. I used to do calligraphy too. Dance and calligraphy. I bet both of you are nice and tired and I am hoping that you have the most beautiful sleep together. The weather was fantastic wasn’t it. We are so lucky living here with the weather. Sweet dreams my dancing friend. Hugs and XoXoXo – Susan

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