getting to know Dr. Susan Love

Most of us in the breast cancer community know Dr. Susan Love, who wrote the definitive reference on breasts: Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book, and, as the tireless researcher for breast cancer causes. She heads the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation and launched the Army of Women that connects volunteers with prospective research studies.

Last year she learned of her own diagnosis with leukemia and proceeded with treatment that included a bone marrow transplant. Learn more about this remarkable woman who brings so much to the cancer community in two recent articles that focus not on the work she does but on her the person.

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2 responses to “getting to know Dr. Susan Love

  1. Hugs to you, dear Lady. Been very very busy with work…but read your blog every single day, think good positive things for you, and send bright healing light your way…..

  2. Hello Donna, Catching up and hoping your still drinking lots of water. Take care.Lot’s of good information.

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