two doctors’ views of use of medical marijuana

With the amount of nausea and pain many endure with metastatic cancer, many believe that marijuana can help to make one more comfortable and ease symptoms. Two physicians pose their views in this article on the use of this widely disputed topic.

Medical marijuana: Voodoo or legitimate therapeutic choice? By Barbara Bronson Gray. In Health. 2-20-13

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3 responses to “two doctors’ views of use of medical marijuana

  1. Arlen Jakubczak-Helms

    I am all for any modality that helps MBC patients get through the days and nights with as much comfort as possible. However, I have worked with immunosuppressed patients for over 20 yrs and have seen some untoward effects from smoking marijuana. Unless the marijuana is grown by the user or in a controlled atmosphere, there is the possibility that opportunistic bacteria and fungus may be present in the product. Fertilizers and other chemicals also remain on the plant. There is no regulation on how or where these plants are grown. The worst of these potential infections is aspergilus; it is fatal the majority of the time in patients with immunosuppressed systems. I am not saying that anyone using MJ for medicinal purposes should grow their own ( it may be illegal unless your medical marijuana license and state law say otherwise.) I would instead suggest the use of the tablets. the effects take a bit longer to experience but dosage is controlled, the perceived stigma of “smoking pot” that many older patients struggle with is not an issue, and the quality of the product is regulated.

  2. I think that if you can get high, then get high. If it helps, all the better.

  3. You know, I think it is up to the individual case. You don’t have to smoke it. They sell edible versions that can be easier to nibble. I was prescribed Megastrol which helped my appetite and Phenergen and Zofran for nausea. The fact that her lungs are affected I probably wouldn’t recommend she smoke it. I have been lucky in this respect. The Megastrol worked and currently I’m taking Decatron (an anti inflammatory steroid) You can’t stay on that long for obvious reasons. If I needed the marijuana I would ask, but I’m OK, This is one of those controversial topics but I say if it would bring her relief, go for it. We are sick and whatever we can take to make our lives a bit easier is good. I never thought I would take painkillers or anti-depressants, but I have and do.

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