third case of shingles?

Friday morning I woke up with itchy bumps on the left side of my lower back above the waist. The area was also inflamed. That evening I ran a low-grade fever and felt like I was trying to get the flu. I called my doctors’ offices and set up an appointment for Monday following instructions to go to the emergency room if my symptoms worsened in the meantime. 

Today at my appointment, running another low-grade fever, my internist prescribed an antibiotic for shingles. If the rash fails to clear up, I will see a dermatologist. I don’t have the burning discomfort that characteristically accompanies shingles, but my doctor said that is not uncommon. This would be my third case, the second and last bout being in December 2009, which cropped up on the upper inside of my right thigh.

Interestingly, when I asked about my getting the shingles vaccine, my doctor said it is contraindicated for anyone with suppressed immune systems because it is a live virus vaccine. Along with the seven days of antibiotic, I am drinking lots of water (again) and taking it easy.

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7 responses to “third case of shingles?

  1. Oh, my gosh, one more thing to have to deal with. I am sure you will deal with this trial as you have all others, with bravery and determination. Hugs……gentle ones……Gail

  2. Oh girlfriend I feel your pain and frustration! I have had 2 bouts of shingles so far,(my oncologist says it seems to flare up with Ca patients in the spring), My dermatologist orders Valtrex for me, with a loading dose and then I capsule daily for a week. It really helped me a lot. He writes a script for me every year just in case. At $$$ for the vial, I only get it if I need it, but it is reassuring to just have that piece of paper. Feel better, take lots of rests and day dreams as you are able. Healing eagle wing {hugs} are coming your way! ♥♥♥

    • Jodie Rodgers

      I have never heard of antiobiotics for shingles. Ohh they do smart! I had them on my temple on side of my face! I hope it’s just a little rash…

  3. I am so sorry! And this is your third time! Think I told you that I had–still have–shingles on my right arm. Compared to other cases I know of, they’ve been pretty mild, but show no signs of disappearing. I have deep scabs and pit marks when the scabs come off.

  4. Feel so sorry for you I had them last year lots of burning.mine were on the face Hang in there this too shall pass love you Peachy lady

  5. I am so sorry Donna that you have to deal with this. Thank goodness you had some incredible days before these horrible shingles showed up. I hope this goes away and also I am sure that you know antibiotics make you really tired. Hugs and XoXoXo – Susan

  6. I’ve had it once too. It was on my forehead and thank God no burning. It itched and my derm had me use calymine lotion because it was already a week old. I have been told by a homeopath that it is actual not a bad thing to get these infections as it is getting toxins out. Who knows. I’m sure it is because our immune systems are low. Hope it clears up fast

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