another day of same with some vertigo

Another day of feeling sick with the same symptoms. But this morning I had a sudden and scary bout of vertigo. I was up out of bed when it happened, and I barely made it back to bed without falling because it was severe. When I got back in bed, I just sat there and then closed my eyes and still felt the dizziness, nausea and sweats. Finally, when I was barely able to move, I managed to lie back and just try to relax. It did not occur to me until shortly later that it might have been my blood pressure. I usually monitor my BP before taking my pills in the morning. If the systolic is below 110, I skip the benazepril (Lotensin). Usually it’s in the teens, and that’s what it was this morning.

After the dizziness passed and I could focus, I took my BP, which came up as 99/66. If it was that low after the episode passed, I wonder what it was before. I have never had this happen before, so I will be careful about when I get up after taking my medications. I have known others who had dizzy spells that described them as quite unpleasant, but this is the first time I have experienced it myself. I guess the only time I remember being dizzy was when fooling around spinning in dance class without spotting (spotting is the technique for avoiding dizziness) just for the fun of it. As I recall, that was a lot more fun than this was.

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5 responses to “another day of same with some vertigo

  1. Chemo damaged my heart, caused A-Fib and A-Flutter. Before we figured out the right meds, I either got super dizzy or felt like I was going to pass out when I stood up. Scary & unpleasant. On some of those occaisions, my BP was 85/55. Way too low. Thankfully, we’ve figured out the right meds. Like you, I marvel at the way I used to think getting dizzy was fun. Take care.

  2. This sounds scary and certainly different then you not spotting while doing pirouettes, because you know exactly why it happened in that case. Anyway I am sorry you are having these uncomfortable symptoms. I think a restful weekend is in order. I am sure you are monitoring this and know to contact the doctor if all of these symptoms persist. I send you extra virtual hugs, prayers of light and XoXoXo – Susan

  3. Oh Donna, I feel for you. I hope this irritance passes soon. Chin up and give it a mental go away zap. Hope the weekend is better for you. ❤

  4. Sandra_Oregon

    Oh gosh, I have only had vertigo once from allergies and it wasn’t pleasant. I was so glad I wasn’t driving, had I been, I would have crashed. Very bad experience. Do be careful dear Donna, hugs

  5. Sorry to hear it. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

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