shingles suck

Although I feel a bit improved over what I have been feeling, I am weaker than before, again. My walking exercises are back to two stretches instead of four and both with my walker. When I get out of bed, I again have to use this darned walker because I am just too unstable. I cannot even lift my legs to do the exercises I was starting before these darned shingles attacked.

So I am trying to spend some time out of bed, at least, and at the computer reading and doing some research until I’m overcome with the need to lie down again—that does not take very long. I don’t think I remembered just how lousy shingles made me feel in the past. I am only now getting reacquainted with that reality. Back to bed and to drinking more water with my last pill of Valacyclovir.

Giggle for the afternoon: just saw the baby panda at the San Diego Zoo, Xiao Liwu, fall off the platform followed by Mom Bai Yun climbing down to check on him. Watching pandas is such a delight.

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8 responses to “shingles suck

  1. So glad to hear those ugly Shingles are on the run Donna! I was immunized this year and am hoping to NEVER get that baddy. So many friends of mine have had them and they cause excruciating pain, i hear. Those pandas are such comical looking creatures… they make me smile too… Blessings and hugs as you begin to recover the ground you had covered before. Good to see you smiling while out with Marvin…

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  3. Hang in there girl! You will improve until this nastiness is a distant memory. ‘

  4. I have heard many miserable things about shingles….and I am so sorry you have to suffer. I didn’t know you watched the Panda’s they are so darn cute. I have been on a week + long hiatus from watching any cams. Needed to get things accomplished . Best to you.

  5. I’m sorry you have shingles. My husband and I were recently vaccinated, but realize that we can get them anyway. Just hoping it may help a little bit. Please get better. Love and prayers.

  6. sorry that the singles are still hanging around I had a slight case of them last year but hang on this too shall pass .love you Peachy Lady

  7. My Dad had the shingles…you’re right, they SUCK! I hope you’re over them soon. B-well,

  8. I’m so sorry you are feelings so badly…prayers for you…

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