fighting for strength

cancer’s talons shred / resistance from a body / fighting to build strength 
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7 responses to “fighting for strength

  1. Dear Lady of the Dance…do not let it grip too tight and do not stop the fight until YOU are ready to stop. You have been hit with a series of bad incidents of weakness that have allowed shadows to cover the beauty that is you. Your smile, your eyes, you love will throw them off once more. I am willing bright healing light to surround you…your body and your spirit and sending the softness of owl wings and the Eagle’s eyes to warm you and watch over you. And of course all the love I have for you comes towards you every day.

  2. Oh dear Lady….Sending you strength, prayers, and my love. And of course dreams of dancing. ♥

  3. Praying for strength for you to fight off cancer talons!
    Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2013 23:17:40 +0000

  4. Cancer talons shred, I will never forget that. You have resistance and more strength then you even realize.

  5. Earlene Melton

    Wishing you love and strength — and peace and rest.

  6. Wishing joy and peace for our beautiful dancing girl and hoping these cancer talons beware. Hugs, strength, prayers, and XoXo – Susan

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