Tylenol and ice

Yesterday I resorted to ice under the arms plus Tylenol to decrease my temperature when it rose over 103 degrees. It happened so fast. Most of the afternoon it ranged from 99.5 to 100.xx. Suddenly I could feel the difference and knew that if I did not decrease it, we would be going to the emergency room. Ugh. Thank goodness the ice and Tylenol worked. When I called the on-call doctor, he said I should just keep doing what I was doing and that my body should fight off whatever it is. We decided against an antibiotic because I do not have specific symptoms. Just the fever and some urgency to urinate. I am taking cranberry pills just in case.

So it is another day of R and R.

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7 responses to “Tylenol and ice

  1. Smart girl… ice under the arm. Don’t think I would have thought of that, so thanks for the tip. Hoping the fever is gone tomorrow.

  2. That’s a really good idea Donna. I’m going to remember that! Hope your temp goes down soon. Take care xxxx

  3. So sorry Donna, I hope this passes soon. I wouldn’t have thought of ice under the arms but good to know. Hope you feel better soon,
    xox joey

  4. I have to say the thought of ice under my arms, makes me shiver thinking of it but I guess when a fever is the reason it probably feels good. If it brings the fever down I it doesn’t matter if it’s cold. Hope the fever is gone very soon does sound like a UTI maybe some cranberry juice for added help.
    Hugs So sorry Donna..

  5. Keep up the good work & quick thinking! ­čÖé

  6. really smart! I’m going to remember this…does sound like UTI and that cranberry pill should help…praying for you to feel better SOON!

  7. have been away for a few days I sure hope things are going better for you. I freeze when I think about ice under arm but if it works go for it.
    pray you are better now love you Peachy Lady

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