Chills and sweats

Ups and downs with the fever again but within a reasonable range. These fevers really steal your energy. Right now I am trying to lower it again after a spike to almost 102. I can tell when it is starting to come down because I break out in a sweat.

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8 responses to “Chills and sweats

  1. The fevers must absolutely steal your energy, you need loads of rest I would think a fever takes a lot of energy.Sorry to hear that you are still dealing with the fever. Best wishes that the fever is gone soon.Hope the cranberry supplement is helping you. Hugs

  2. Have they done a urine culture on you, Donna? I’ve only had a urinary tract infection a few times but when I did, a plain urinalysis never showed anything wrong. Only when they did a urine culture could they see the bacteria.

    My daughter (30) recently went to the doctor & had all the signs & symptoms of a bladder infection….but they did a urinalysis, told her she didn’t have one, and sent her home. She suffered in silence, sicker than a dog, for a couple more days until I had an absolute FIT & told her to call that blankety-blank doctor back & say that you have a bladder infection & need medication NOW. She did that, got her prescription, took it, her bladder infection (along with symptoms) went away.

    I know you stay medically informed but perhaps you should call your doctor back & demand relief…. in one form or another.

    I’ll be praying for you.


  3. You are in my prayers! I love you and I’m pulling for you. Here for whatever you need! XOXOXOOX

  4. Love to you Sweet Lady…wish you were better! Healing thoughts along with positive energy coming your way…hugs and smiles! Remember the fluids!

  5. I keep hoping that you start feeling better from this. I hope with such a high fever you don’t have some type of infection. Here’s wishing you prayers of light and XoXoXo -Susan

  6. Hope your fever ends soon. I know it saps the strength from you when you have so little extra to give. Hang int here. It will pass soon. When is your next doctor face-to-face visit? Perhaps they can locate the source?

  7. Betsy Appleton////////Decorah Eagle

    Hello Donna,,So sorry that this fever is kicking you down.I have Crohns and I too have fevers and they do suck the energy right out of you. Special prayers to you and I hope this fever goes away fast…Call the doctor and tell them that things are not better and maybe you need to see him. Just a thought….God Bless you and Sweet Eagle Dreams to the both of you….

  8. Just wanted to send my love, best wishes and hugs Donna I heard you are in the hospital today Wed. take care. Lots of hugs.

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