Donna was moved from her room to an Isolation room. The fear was that she might have an airborne infection. That proved to be wrong when tests came back. She will probably be moved back to a regular room.

She’s eating better, but is still really weak. She can’t get out of bed without assistance. She gets out of breath when talking for more than a few minutes.

Other than not liking being in the hospital, she’s in good spirits.

She loves all the well wishes she has been getting. Sorry, she hasn’t been able to take or return many calls. She’s just to weak to talk.

Not sure when she’ll be able to come home. I’ll keep you posted.



10 responses to “Isolation

  1. Thanks for the update. Sending my love and prayers to you both.

  2. Thanks so much for the update. Sending love and light to both of you!

  3. Thank you Marvin and sending my positive energy as well. She’s tough like me and she’ll knock this out a the park. Tell her Kate said so.

  4. BreastCancerSisterhood

    I send my love and prayers to both of you.

  5. Glad to know she is not contagious and can go back to general population now. Hopefully the antibiotics will bring her temp down to normal and she will gain some strength! Bright healing light, the comfort of owl wings and eagle’s eyes to watch over you both.

  6. Calling out her name she is such a precious lady
    thank so much for the update I love that Peachy Lady

  7. Marvin thank you so much for keeping us posted. I hope you are doing well. You both have been through so much. The two of you are so special and I hope that they figure out the problem and get both of you home soon. Hugs and XoXoXo – Susan

  8. Thank you for the updates Marvin…prayers for you both to be home soon…

  9. Sending love to you and Donna and hoping she is able to return home very soon. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  10. Carmen Gonzalez

    Thanks for the update Marvin. I wish Donna fortified best wishes from all four corners of the Universe. I am humming the song Dancing Queen, channeling her gentle spirit, as it reminds me of her. : )

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