No move from Isolation

Today, Donna continues on her roller coaster ride with her health. Yesterday she was looking a bit better. Fevers were coming under limited control, she was eating and was able to sit and have a conversation. Today the roller coaster started on it’s downside.

She got the fevers back and she is short of breath.  With her labored breathing, she isn’t able to talk much. Usually saying one or two words at a time to eventually form a sentence.

The doctors don’t like her kidney output. So now they are monitoring it closely. Still don’t know why that is happening.

She was supposed to move from Isolation to a regular room. Everyone though it would be better when she feels a little stronger.





24 responses to “No move from Isolation

  1. Thank you, Marvin, for keeping us posted. Will continue to send good energy and prayers.

  2. Blessings and peace and love to you and Donna, Marvin!

  3. Although I have never met Donna I hope it will give her encouragement to know that I am thinking about her over here in England and willing her to regain her strength. Lots of love and hugs. Sue xxxx

  4. BreastCancerSisterhood

    There are many of us around the world who’ve followed Donna’s epic battle with love and admiration. You are a good man, Marvin. I continue to adk God to bring peace and comfort to both of you.

  5. thanks for the update Marvin I am praying for both of you
    never met you or her but she has made a great impact on my life
    love that peachy lady

  6. Prayers for both of you…I echo the messages above. Will continue prayers…

  7. Good work, Marv. Prayers, thoughts and well wishes from the East Coast.

  8. So sorry to hear this….wishing for changes in a positive direction for our Beautiful Lady real soon! Thanks for the updates….ditto also to all above! Lots of positive thoughts and energy along with love and big hugs coming to both of you!

  9. Sending love from here to both of you. Always holding you close in my heart and in my thoughts…


  10. So sorry to hear this, Hugs and prayers going her way. Hopefully they can figure out what is causing the fever and fix it soon. Gail Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2013 06:02:07 +0000 To:

    Sending an angel to watch out for you with lots of good will & prayers !
    Love , Angie

  12. Hi Marvin: Thanks for the update on Donna. Bless her, she has been going through such a rough time. I hope that the Drs. can figure out what is happening and can treat her so she gets stronger very soon. Such a worrying time for you too.
    Love Kathy Toronto

  13. Marvin thank you again for keeping us posted on how Donna is doing. I am hoping things start getting better. Both of you are in my thoughts and prayers. XoXoXo – Susan

  14. Keeping you and our favorite dancing lady in my thoughts and prayers. Sure hope you both can feel all of the love coming your way!

  15. Pat (shorebeachy)

    Donna, you are an inspiration♥ Hang in there and know that you are always in my prayers♥

  16. Sending love to you both. Please let Donna know we care deeply. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date.

  17. Hope you feel the love and HUGS from all of your friends on SPO sites. WE are all holding you up in our prayers that you will overcome and feel better soon. With much Love, Barb

  18. Donna has touched a world of people who have never met her, and we have come to love her. May she feel our outpouring of love in her body and mind.And because you are such a special man, Marvin-there is more than enough for you too. Feel it, breathe it in, and be soothed.

  19. Praying now…. Father, bless the two precious lives with Your peace and hope. Thank You for Your presence in every moment. Amen.

  20. Many thanks for keeping us updated Marvin. Hugs and prayers for both of you are forthcoming from a lot of folks. Hold tight and keep on dancing!

  21. Lots of positive energy and hugs heading your way.Donna and Marvin, Thanks for keeping us posted.

  22. So very sorry that she left us today. She is dancing with the eagles and the owls and returning to the stardust from whence she and all of us came. She left her footprints on the lives of so many.

  23. Do we know that she passed?

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