For those who may be interested, there will be services for Donna. Here is the info.

They will be held  at:

McKenzie Mortuary

3843 East Anaheim Street

Long Beach, CA 90804

562 961 9301        800 791 4099

It will be held on April 6th 2013 from 2pm to 4pm.

If you are in the area, you are welcome to attend.

If you wish to send flowers, you can send to that address on the day of the services, But also you may want to keep in mind to donate to one of the Cancer Organizations Donna mentions in this blog instead.  Flowers are wonderful, but they’ll die in a few days. Your donation to research could go a long way to help rid the disease that took Donna’s life. You can do it in her honor if you like. She’d like that.

Just one more thing for this post. I can’t express how wonderful everyone has been. Within the first few hours the messages that poured in was unbelievable.  Such kind words and wonderful thoughts. I made sure to read everyone one of them. I want to thank everyone for all the kindness you given me and the wonderful things you expressed about Donna. I could only read a handful at a time before I would start to be overloaded with emotion and would have to take a break. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I plan to keep this blog alive. Part of Donna’s spirit lives here.


M.A.H (Don)



22 responses to “Services

  1. You are in our prayer May God be with you in a special way
    Donna was a Peachy Lady

  2. She is missed terribly. Sending healing thoughts to you. Please know you are embraced by an entire community.

  3. Marvin – Don, I have called you both at times never was sure which was the one you prefer. Flowers are nice but research for a cure is a better investment and something that really reminds me of what Donna would want.Thanks for letting us know about Donna’s service. Such a sweet woman and she sure loved you. Hope you are taking care of yourself. Happy to hear you will keep the blog alive part of Donna’s spirit truly does live here.

  4. Gwen Latta, Escondido, CA

    Don, I am sending a donation to breast cancer reseach in Donna’s name, you are in thoughts and prayers we miss her chats, was awonderful person to know by chatting. God Bless!!

  5. I just moved from L.A. last Oct. If I were still there, I wouldn’t hesitate to join you in honoring Donna’s memory. Marvin, you are doing a wonderful service by leaving Donna’s blog up. She has provided a tremendous resource as a legacy to those who need it. And, yes, her spirit is stamped throughout in her beautiful words.

    Thank you for honoring Donna’s spirit in death and being a loving, caring husband and caregiver in her life. Love and light to you always.

  6. Yes, I had already planned a donation as I feel that would be most important to her, I’m glad you are keeping the blog alive, Bless you and all of Donna’s family at this most difficult time of grief,

  7. All the way from Indiana the prayers & thoughts will continue to fly in your direction, Don, especially…most especially…on April 6th.

    I just noticed…(Don)na. You always have & always will have a piece of Donna with you!! Don’t know why I didn’t “see” this before. Guess I wasn’t supposed to until now.


  8. Marvin,
    Donna is smiling down at you for your decision to keep her blog alive. We are all grateful for that as well. I hope you feel the depths of love and respect all of us have for you and Donna.
    I wish you peace, strength and love.
    Suzanne (Chicago)

  9. Arlene Jakubczak-Helms

    There have been many wishes of love, peace and condolences sent to you from Donna’s classmates in Michigan. I will be thinking you and Donna on April 6th. I wish I could be there in person, but, I will be there in my heart. I am glad you are going to continue the blog. Love and peace,

  10. Betsy Appleton////////Decorah Eagle

    Marvin, you are such an incredable person leaving this blog going in Donna’s name. It has proven to be a wealth of information for everyone..You and Donna will be in my heart for a lifetime….Donations coming your way for cancer research and a candle has been lite on the site Greatfulness. org…anyone can , so light that candle for Donna. God Bless you Marvin, you will always have Donna in your heart and mind…Memories are wonderful so enjoy each one, Best wishes to you and family…God Bless…

  11. Marvin, thanks for letting us know about Donna’s service. I am so sad to hear that you have lost your dear wife, we will all miss her cheerful and encouraging blogs but I’m glad you are keeping the blog open. She loved you dearly.
    I’m glad to hear that she passed peacefully with loved ones around her. It is so sad. Blessings to you and Donna and your family at this time.

    Kathy Toronto

  12. Marvin, thank you for letting us know about Donna’s service. Thank you also for keeping her blog open to us. You are surrounded by so many people that loved Donna so much. I read this blog and commented every morning because Donna and you opened her world to us with grace, dignity, and beauty. Both of you went through so much together and her sweet gentle spirit shone a bright light on each day. Both of you are in my prayers. Hugs and XoXXo – Susan Zager

  13. Thank you for letting us know about the arrangements for Donna’s service. I am also glad to see you are continuing this blog. Donna touched many lives in many different ways. She was a remarkable person. The Decorah Cottonwood Group is working on a couple of things to do in Donna’s name. Thanks for including us in this.

  14. I will do the best I can to try to make it to the Long Beach memorial service.

  15. dear don,

    thank you so much for telling us that donna’s blog will be kept up. for many of us, going back and visiting her marvelous site, reading her beautifully written posts will be a great comfort as we grieve her death.

    i wish with all my heart that i could be at her memorial service. please know that i will keep vigil for you and your beloved donna on april 6th, sending my love and remembering …

    thank you, too, for including us both with the invitation to the service, as well as your kind updates. i hope you can feel embraced by the light of love and compassion being beamed right to your sweet heart; a part of so many of our hearts’ light has come from the beauty and inspiration we were so lucky to get from donna.

    love, XOXO,

    karen, TC

  16. Hi Don. I live in England. I would like to make a donation to ‘Breast Cancer Care’ in Donna’s memory. This is a charity that does amazing work by giving information and support to people affected by breast cancer here in the UK. Donna also supported and informed people through her blog and we are grateful to her for that. I hope she would approve of my choice.

  17. Marvin – you have done a tremendous job honoring Donna’s memory and legacy during what must be a horribly difficult time for you. I do hope that you are receiving the support and care that you need, and please realize that this whole community is here for you as well.

  18. Carmen Gonzalez

    Dear Marvin,
    Thanks for keeping Donna’s blog going. Her insights and poems are a rich resource for everyone and stand as a lasting legacy. Thank you also for encouraging us all to make donations into research. I am dutifully making mine in her honor to Metavivor.

    I had the pleasure of making Donna’s acquaintance only once. It was in Februrary when the BCSM group from L.A. gathered at the Farmer’s Market, where Lori served as “parking sherpa” to help you and Donna navigate your way to us. I found her bubbly personality infectious and her smile radiant. It would be my honor to pay my respects at her memorial.

    Con carino (with affection),

  19. Dear Don,
    I can’t believe how very giving and caring you have been to my SISTER,DONNA . You also are the reason she fought her long battle with cancer to be able to see beyond and enjoy life with you again : I realize that now more than ever ! God bless YOU ,MY DEAR BROTHER-IN-LAW FOR KEEPING DONNA’S LIGHT ABLAZE FOR ALL OF US TO SEE & FEEL . It does my heart good to think how Donna thrived on your unselfish loving spirit !!
    A beautiful love story it was and still is !!

  20. When I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, reading Donna’s blogs encouraged me to start my own. Donna surely lives on through her words. They, and her spirit, will never die. May God bless her family and all who loved her at this sad time.

  21. I have been one of the silent ones reading Donna’s blog ever since I was concerned about my mother’s breast cancer. I have learned so much about breast cancer and the courage that these women go through do defeat this ugly disease .What a wonderful woman Donna was. I loved her spirit and zest for life and desire to help others.

    May you rest in peace Donna and Marvin, Donna was blessed to have you but would want you to have a good life going forward .

  22. So sorry for your loss

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