6 Months into the Light

On Sept 26th, 2013, marked the 6th month since Donna danced into the light. Somehow it doesn’t seem that long. In other ways, it seems a lifetime ago. A lot has happened since that day in March. A lot of changes happen when someone leaves this world. I’ve done more paperwork for her leaving this world than I ever did when my children came into it. It’ still going on. Endless paperwork.

But I’d like to thank everyone for your kind words and your support over the past months. It really means a lot to me. Also means a lot that so many people loved Donna so much. Most from those who never met her in person. I’m sorry for not saying so sooner. I have a box of ThankYou cards waiting for me all this time to write. Things have been so busy for me with a move and all the things I had to wrap up for Donna.

But now the dust is settling a little. And now it’s time to decide where this blog will go from here. So I’m open to suggestions. My own thought is to have guest writers contribute and keep the information going and the blog alive and ongoing. Please let me know with your comments any ideas.

And again, thank you to all the readers and friends.

Much love

Marvin  (Don)


13 responses to “6 Months into the Light

  1. Sending love and support to you, Marvin. Please know there isn’t a DAY that goes by that Donna isn’t thought of by those in her blog community. I love that you are looking for ways to keep this space going. I think Donna would love that. I’m sure others will come up with some good ideas. I’m not very creative…….

  2. Don, please accept my continued love and condolences for sweet Donna Peach. She has inspired so many. There is so much good information on this site, I do think it should continue, if only to post once a month or something to keep it alive. To make it easy, you could even repost some of her past links to informative information. God Bless You!

  3. Cordelia Lovelady

    Don…your idea of guest writers contributing to Donna’s blog is wonderful. I for one want to know that her blog is always here since breast cancer is in my family. I believe Donna’s blog is someplace many people still come for information or just to look back over her life and struggle with this awful disease and how she was such an inspiration to so many of us. Donna touched so many lives with her blog. With all she was going through she still had encouraging words, wisdom and love to share with so many. I for one look forward to every word she wrote in her blog and still come back to visit with her. Take care of yourself…hugs and love coming to you from Me. ~Cordy

  4. Don, there isn’t a day going by where Donna isn’t thought of…at least in my heart and mind. I’m sure those writers who will contribute to this blog will honor her memory and her journey with gentleness and honesty.

  5. I continue to miss Donna and think of her often. I know that continuing without her must be very hard for you. Especially this month when so much focus in on breast cancer, I think it would be great to remind folks of the much needed further research on treating metastatic breast cancer as Donna did. I was totally unaware of this lack of support for women facing this until I “met” Donna.

  6. BreastCancerSisterhood

    Hi Marvin,
    Donna’s blog is a great resource for those with metastatic breast cancer, so it would be great if you left it up. Have you thought about occasionally writing something for other husbands and caregivers? Your perspective would be helpful and encouraging to others. That may not appeal to you because at some point, you’re going to need and want to move on with your life and leave that kind of cancer intensity behind you. That’s one of the reasons I quit blogging: The pain of my husband’s unexpected death AND staying so involved in the cancer world was too much, plus I created a new opportunity for myself in a totally different arena. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s the right thing for you.


    • Don,
      I think Brenda made a fabulous suggestion. As a former caregiver, you have a lot of insight and support to offer other caregivers going through treatment. At the very least, keeping the blog open, allows those people a ready resource.

  7. Thank you for posting. Please do whatever is best for you.

  8. I loved that Donna always focused on the light in the world. Personally, I think you should continue writing her blog and show the caregivers out there that life goes on.

  9. Marvin not a day goes by without thinking of Donna. I think that you should definitely keep this blog going especially for metastatic breast cancer. We are also happy to hear from you. xoxo – Susan

  10. Betsy Appleton////////Decorah Eagle

    Marvin, I think that what ever you do you will do it with the love of your Donna always in your heart. It was so good to see Donna’s face looking back at us in this blog and I think that the information with the guest writters will be information needed….God Bless Betsy

  11. The problem with new material is that the blog, right now, is a masterpiece. Donna was gold, as was her writing, and I don’t think you want to fuck with that. Keeping it active as a reference for others may just be the best thing. Maybe your recollections of Donna at different times of the year will give cancer warriors a glimpse of how people will remember them and bring peace, I don’t know. She was a special person. How about a little “spell check”? Jeez! 🙂 Best wishes to you.

  12. I have no idea Don, but I really like the idea of keeping the blog going in some way. It’s so nice to see her picture pop up on my Facebook … and it makes me smile. So happy and honored to have known her, albeit for a short time…I hope she knew that reading her blog gave me strength I didn’t know I needed at the time (denial was my coping mechanism of choice)…I am forever indebted to her! God bless you Don…as each day passes, may a little pain pass from your body and be replaced with comforting memories of your wonderful marriage. Time does heal…not all, but it does heal.

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