Breast cancer members who have danced into the light

Members dancing in the light

Because I want to pay tribute to the memory of those members of our breast cancer community who have danced into the light, I am compiling a list to post here at my blog. I hope this will help to keep them in our thoughts and to honor their memory no matter how much time passes.

My list currently contains information which I have gathered from my own resources and memory and will be a work in progress. If you wish to include the name of someone you know, please leave a comment or send an e-mail to me at dancingsoles at gmail dot com. Include any of this information:

member’s last name, first name
member’s date of passing and city, state, country

Optional information
member’s age
relationship (mother of, partner of, sister of …) name
affiliation with group/organization
blog or website URL

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6 responses to “Breast cancer members who have danced into the light

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  2. Marcia Micussi de Oliveira – my gorgeous friend of 33 years who died in Sao Paulo in November 2011, too young, in her mid-50s. Approximately three and a half years from diagnosis with already metastasised breast cancer.

  3. Karen Sue Davis Bowlin, age 48, friend for 21 years who died 6/23/12.

  4. My sister, Judy, age 60, passed away 12-28-2005, after being diagnosed in July 2001 with Stage IV breast cancer, and had mastectomy. She was a school teacher, having taught for 37 years. Remembering…R.I.P.
    Nancy-VA (my Decorah avatar)

  5. Donna Peach who showed us all by her example how to live and love and, so very sadly, how to die graciously. She will be missed terribly by all of her virtual friends, all around the world. Dance into the light, Donna!

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