thank you, readers, for your support during my rehab

As I read your comments to me while I go through rehabilitation, I gain strength and resolve from your support. I read and cherish every note you write to me and appreciate that you are following me through this piece of my journey. While it might seem an ordinary event to go through this looking in from the outside, here, in the midst of it, it feels like a journey to the summit. The cheering I hear from you, however, makes me feel as though I can do this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support and very cherished words of encouragement.


Many times I begin to respond to comments. Writing articles or poetry is easier, perhaps more detached emotionally. When you write to me, it touches my heart and makes it an emotional experience to respond in a way that my abilities of expression fail strenuously.

I would dance for you to show you what I mean because that is the only way I could let you know how much it means to me when you write to me, even a two-word message. Your comments feel like a hug, that comforting gesture only we humans have that other species must envy.

Know that I hug back.

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6 responses to “thank you, readers, for your support during my rehab

    Your Sister, Angie

  2. Very cool graphics, Donna. Oh, there I am, Hudson, OH!!

  3. These graphics are very cool indeed!

  4. These are great graphics—-didn’t see Winnipeg, Canada, but I am here for you just the same! When I was going through my breast cancer, I sent out ongoing updates to a large number of family and friends. Their responses meant the world to me. I was continually uplifted, supported, and loved. So I have some idea of how you treasure each comment.

  5. Oh my goodness – I’ve been reading about your situation on the Mel & Syd SPO site. My prayers go out to you. I don’t know why this stuff happens. I HATE breast cancer. The statistics are so high for women to contract this official disease. I know you have many friends and family concerned and thinking good thoughts for your during this really unreal difficult time. Amazing that you keep a journal – I’d probably just be a neurotic heap. Good for you – keep up the good work! Love to you, Andrea from D.C.

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