relaxing amid color

After all the recruiting for votes for METAvivor in the Pinkwell Challenge and the days of Xeloda® side effects, especially hand-foot syndrome, today I relaxed amid color on the way to and from the Den salon for an appointment with my favorite colorist-stylist Jenelle. Yeah, baby.

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5 responses to “relaxing amid color

  1. Love the colors pretty lady!! Prayers and hugs to you!

  2. You look like a beautiful Fairy Godmother from a Disney movie !

  3. You look beautiful! I’m glad your symptoms subsided some so you could get out and pamper yourself. You deserve being pampered….((((HUGS)))) and positive energy coming your way, as always with a big smile from me! Hope your day is wonderful!!

  4. Oh, my stars! That’s so fun and fabulous! I did something similar after chemo plus, I had a Mohawk! Really! I’ve wanted to post that picture on my blog, but it’s in storage & I don’t know where.


  5. feistybluegecko

    This is a wonderful post. I love the foliage and have also been posting jacaranda blossoms too, though your pic is absolutely spectacular! and I love the hair colours – such a sense of funk 🙂

    I have just written a post about the colours here in Yangon, and thought yu might like it too, lots and lots of colour everywhere and I am keen to share its beauty.

    Thanks for such a lively, vibrant post 🙂 xox

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