visit with oncologist

With a lot of high anxiety I saw my oncologist today for our regular session once a month. Nothing new for now as we are still assessing whether the Fareston is working. With hormonal drugs it takes longer to know this than with chemotherapy drugs. My blood tests, though, showed good values for my previously elevated potassium and creatinine readings. Finally, the potassium is back where it needs to be.

We talked about my fatigue and weakness but felt that I was still improved since last month and much improved since I left the hospital. It just feels like I cannot get past a certain point even though I try to walk more and do my pliés and squats. I like to see quicker results than this, but I guess patience is in order, something I will need to put on the list for my next shopping trip.

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10 responses to “visit with oncologist

  1. Not sure you will find patience at the shopping mall, but you will find it in your heart and it’s free. It simply requires you to change paths, breathe in and out more slowly, and appreciate each and every day, each flower, each song, each thunderstorm. I think you already know how to do that! Hugs and love.

  2. I am glad your oncology appointment went well. I totally understand the high anxiety before. It’s nice to know your potassium and creatinine levels are back in the normal range.

    You have been pretty active so I am not surprised about the fatigue. On top of that I know you are used to another level of movement, so I understand your bewilderment at having to adjust for new levels of mobility.

    Only you could make a sweet reference to patience belonging on a shopping list. You continue to amaze me Donna and I am sending tons of hugs and XoXoXo – Susan

  3. You are precious! Love your humor & understand your frustration. Don’t know how you’re doing with fluids, but it doesn’t hurt to hydrate more.

  4. Donna,
    Was SO thrilled to see you in the picture with Lori and gang! Patience is (not a virtue)… highly overrated when we want to do things…

    Instead, I’ll say: be gentle with yourself….


  5. Love the shopping list idea.I could put a couple of orders in myself. I think you really are doing better than you think.You have come a long way and are as special as ever. Hugs, hope & butterfly kisses.

  6. I’m happy to hear that some of your tests are okay and don’t forget that this medication takes longer to have a positive effect dear one. Patience is not a virtue of mine either… more with myself than with others. Blessings and love to you and Marvin too!

  7. So happy about some of the tests being okay I checked at WalMart and they don’t have any patience on sale this week but I will keep looking so just be patience LOL .LOVE YOU peachy Lady.

  8. Great to hear that you have improved. Love and hugs from across the pond xxxxxxxxx

  9. Good news Donna, It will just take time your stronger then you were and that is fantastic!

  10. Betsy Appleton////////Decorah Eagle

    Seems that the news is good, but Patience can be a hard road with me..but try and maybe next time you can show your doctor how Patience you really are….God Bless and Sweet Eagle Dreams to you and Marvin…

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