neighborhood sights

Except for the pen show a couple of weeks ago, it has been weeks since I have been out of the loft to do anything but make a trip to the cancer center for treatment, tests or doctors’ appointments. Today, we went for breakfast, traveling by foot and by scooter to the Omelette Inn in downtown Long Beach. The journey home took a little while longer as we lingered here and there, absorbing the sights of the neighborhood.

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One response to “neighborhood sights

  1. Donna,
    What a fun looking neighborhood. It must have been a great change of pace to do something different although mentally, you’re far from the joyous carnival like atmosphere around you. It’s hard to feel part of that carefree looking world when you’re fighting for your life and not feeling well. I imagine the walking/scooter was tiring.

    PS: Thanks for your email, sweet friend. I think of you often and talk to God about you frequently.

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