RIP Katherine Russell Rich 04-03-12

On April 3, 2012, we lost Katherine Russell Rich, who was living with metastatic breast cancer for 18 years before she danced into the light early last month. Even with all that was going on with me recently, I am still shocked that I missed this news. I followed her story ever since I heard about her being the longest living metster in history, but that was not all for which she deserved credit. She was a mighty woman with an unquenchable spirit for learning and living. No one knows why she was able to live so long with this disease, especially because she was one of those young women, diagnosed at 32, whose breast cancer is usually very aggressive. Was her uniqueness beyond the scope of science? Maybe she is the miracle many of us also hope to be.

At 56 when she danced into the light last month, she left a plethora of writings, including an article in Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine and a number of books. Don’t miss reading about this extraordinary woman who still gives hope to all of us living with the uncertainty of metastatic breast cancer that we too might live far beyond the usual best of longevity of this disease of three to maybe ten years.

Katherine Russell Rich, Who Wrote of Battle With Cancer, Dies at 56. By Margalit Fox.  In The New York Times 04-06-12

It Gets Worse: The frightening chronicle of a woman who discovered cancer at 32. (Book review of “The Red Devil”) By Sarah Payne Stuart. In The New York Times 10-31-99

Turning a Death Sentence Into a Passport for Life. By Katherine Russell Rich. With Preface by Sara Nelson. In O Magazine 06-2010

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3 responses to “RIP Katherine Russell Rich 04-03-12

  1. It is not how long she lived but how she lived that made her special. She lived the life that she had every day and her voice will be missed.

  2. Thank you for writing this…

  3. one of my very favorite articles by her

    she was such a treasure

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